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The Siege of Lindisfarne

In 793, northern England was unprepared for what was to come to their shores on June 8th. England was not a united country at this point, but rather an island made up of smaller, conflicting kingdoms. They did not have... Continue Reading →


The Great Stink

In London, 1858, the city was going through a bad heat wave. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of the city, the River Thames was practically a sewer. The condition of the river got so out of hand, people were dying of... Continue Reading →

The Sweating Sickness

The English Sweating Sickness is a bit of a mystery. It swept through the upper class of England, leaving most, though not all, victims dead within 24 hours of contracting the sickness, and then simply disappeared, and hasn’t been seen... Continue Reading →

Bog Bodies

There are many bog bodies found throughout Europe, dating to the Iron Age (1200 BC - 600 BC). Many of them are found in Denmark, Ireland, England, and the Netherlands. Often when the bodies are found it is discovered that... Continue Reading →


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